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Aspirify Environment, with offices in India and Singapore started operations in 2016. In a short span we have taken substantial steps to make a difference to the environment.

Solid waste management

Transforming Waste into Power: Aspirify Environment Leading the Way in Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Water Management

Unlocking the Power of Water: Aspirify Environment Pioneering Liquid Waste Management for a Sustainable Future


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Advancing Sustainability in Waste Services


Aspirify Environment’s holistic approach and innovative solutions are setting a new standard for environmental conservation, guiding us towards a future where our planet thrives.

Solid Waste Management (SWM) plays a pivotal role in supporting India's green initiatives and sustainable development goals. Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants have emerged as a crucial element in India's quest for efficient waste management and a cleaner environment.

As Aspirify Environment, we are dedicated to addressing water pollution with a multifaceted approach that aligns with the government's initiatives. State governments are actively preparing action plans for sewage management and the restoration of aquatic resource water quality.

As Aspirify Environment, we share the government's concern about pollution in cities and towns, recognizing its detrimental impact on the environment, public health, and overall living conditions.

Comprehensive Waste Solutions


At Aspirify Environment, we are on a mission to drive meaningful change in environmental sustainability. 

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management (SWM) with Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities presents an efficient and sustainable solution to address both of these critical issues.

Liquid Management

Our commitment extends to revitalizing liquid resources through leading-edge liquid waste management practices, ensuring a sustainable and cleaner future.

Clean Air

At Aspirify Environment, we are unwavering in our commitment to combat air pollution. Our initiatives focus on transforming polluted air into a breath of fresh, clean air.

Drive Consciousness

In will, there’s always a way, is a philosophy deeply ingrained in the ethos of Aspirify Environment. At Aspirify Environment, we’re committed to taking concrete steps to promote environmental consciousness.

Join The Green Movement

Eco-Friendly Ganpati Visarjan

Aspirify Environment, driven by a vision of promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible celebrations, organized the Eco-Friendly Ganpati Visarjan event in Pimpri.

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Aspirify Environment, we are not just a service provider; we are your dedicated partners in the journey towards a sustainable and cleaner future. Our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, from solid waste management to liquid waste solutions and combatting air pollution.


At Aspirify, we thrive on unraveling complex environmental challenges and turning them into innovative, sustainable solutions.

Time Management

We recognize the urgency of addressing environmental challenges. Our time management ensures that we deliver timely & impactful solutions.

Waste Reduction

We actively engage in waste reduction initiatives, implementing innovative strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


we believe in the power of teamwork to drive positive change in environmental sustainability. We strive to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly world


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Our mission is to create a more sustainable and eco-conscious world, and we’re eager to hear from you, whether you have questions, ideas, or simply want to connect.

Our Story

At Aspirify Environment, our journey towards environmental conservation and sustainability is guided by the vision and leadership of our dedicated founders and owners. They are at the heart of our organization, driving the mission and passion that defines us.

I worked in the real estate domain for quite a few years. While working for one huge township, I was closely working on meeting the many environmental sensitive criteria that every township needs to fulfill.

That’s how I thought I needed to do something in this area. Multiple initiatives by the Government of India in this space only pushed me further to act on my thought trails.

And soon after, Aspirify was born.

Mr. Sujay Kalele

Director, Aspirify Environment

When you make the largest private investment in a public utility project, you don’t just need to have courage, but you need to feel for the city. When I saw endless landfills andits their disturbing effects, I felt a compelling need to do something.To give back to the city that had given me so much.And so we did.

I hope to see a cleaner, water-sufficient, greener city. And more so I hope I can make a huge contribution to it.

Mr. Srichand Aswani

Director, Aspirify Environment

Aspirify Environment, with offices in India and Singapore started operations in 2016. In a short span we have taken substantial steps to make a difference to the environment.




+91 20 2714 3130



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