Water Management

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Water Management

The steps taken by the government to address the issues of water pollution include the following:

  • Preparation of action plan for sewage management and restoration of water quality in aquatic resources by State Governments;
  • Installation of online effluent Monitoring Systems to check the discharge of effluent directly into the rivers and water bodies
  • Setting up of monitoring network for assessment of water quality;
  • Action to comply with effluent standard’s is taken by SPCBs/ PCCs to improve the water quality of the rivers;
  • Financials assistance for installation of Common Effluent Treatment Plants for cluster of Small Scale Industrial units;
  • Issuance of directions for implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge;
  • Issuance of directions under Sections 5 of Environments (Protections) Act, 1986 to industries and under section 18(1)(b) of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974;
  • Implementation of National lake Conservation Plan (NCLP) and National Wetland Conservation Program (NWCP) for conservation and management of identified lakes and wetlands in the country which have been merged in *February, 29013 into an integrated scheme of National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-System (NPCA) to undertake various conservation activities including interpretation, diversion and treatment of waste water, Pollution abatement, Lake beautification, Bio diversity conservation, Education and awareness creation, Community Participation etc.
  • Preparation of action plan for sewage management and restoration of water quality in aquatic resources by State Governments
  • Implementation of National River Conservation Plan for abatement of pollution in identified stretches of various rivers and undertaking conservation activities which inter-alia include interception & diversion of raw sewage, construction of sewerage systems, setting up of sewage treatment plants, low cost sanitation facilities, education and awareness creation, community participation, electric/improved wood crematoria and river front development.

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Solid Waste Management (SWM) plays a pivotal role in supporting India's green initiatives and sustainable development goals. Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants have emerged as a crucial element in India's quest for efficient waste management and a cleaner environment.

As Aspirify Environment, we are dedicated to addressing water pollution with a multifaceted approach that aligns with the government's initiatives. State governments are actively preparing action plans for sewage management and the restoration of aquatic resource water quality.

As Aspirify Environment, we share the government's concern about pollution in cities and towns, recognizing its detrimental impact on the environment, public health, and overall living conditions.

Aspirify Environment, with offices in India and Singapore started operations in 2016. In a short span we have taken substantial steps to make a difference to the environment.



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