Case Study

Case Study 1

The World’s First-Of-Its-Kind Lwm Plant For One The World’s Biggest Welding Rod Manufacturers


When Lincoln Electric, one of the largest Welding rod manufacturers in the World, was setting up a Unit in Chennai, they got us on board to design a Process fluid treatment which was of a very low ph and aggressive. And also design an ETP with recycling and ZLD to meet PCB norms.

Challenges We Overcame

After undergoing several changes in their process, it was the first time Lincoln was designing an ETP for their unit. We had to use the Process water and Effluent from their previous plant for analysis. Creating a top-of-the-line plant and the first-of-its-kind ZLD in the world was in the making. That too with the very aggressive process fluid with very low pH that had to be heated upto 70° C.

The GET Effect

GET designed every equipment for the first time as this was a first-of-its-kind effluent in the world. We designed the process equipment which included heating and agitation using exotic and not corrosive materials like Zirconium and fibre reinforced plastic.

The ETP was designed to handle very high level of iron and the plant was designed to recycle the effluent after treatment. Built to the highest standards in the world, we treated the effluent and recycled 95% back for process. The remaining was treated in a mechanical evaporator to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge as per PCB Norms.

The GET team achieved all the aspects successfully and handed over the plant to the Lincoln management.


The first of its kind ETP with ZLD for Welding Rod manufacturing unit was designed, built, commissioned and handed over exceeding customer expectations. And is successfully in operation for the last 5 years.

Case Study 2

Revamping is often more challenging than designing. Thankfully, we are experts at handling challenges.

The Situation

Angeripalayam CETP situated in Tamil nadu, India had installed a CETP for treating Textile water using latest MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) technology in 2010-12. Due to some reasons the plant stopped working for over 2 years. There was a need to revamp and re-commission the CETP by using the existing system.

Challenges We Overcame

The plant was not in operation for over 2 years. Nor were any of the equipments serviced for that long. This included the expensive MBR and RO Membranes too. At the same time, the plant capacity was as large as 10 MLD and the revamp and re-commissioning had to be done under severe financial constraint.

The GET Effect

Even though revamp is tougher than building a new plant altogether, GET took up the challenge and started with studying the plant completely, including each and every equipment, piping and electrical.

We undertook the servicing of all equipments like Pumps, Blowers, Valves, Chlorination unit etc. and started inspection and specialised Chemical cleaning of the membranes. What followed was re-programming the PLC and Automation system and installing complete Automation for monitoring of influent and outflow from member units. We recommissioned the complete Plant and also installed a new evaporator for the increased capacity.

The most important aspect is that the whole MBR unit was chemical cleaned and recommissioned without changing of even one membrane sheet.


The complete plant was put in operation leading to the delight of customers. The plant was inspected by the Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Handloom and textiles and received appreciation from them.

GET also undertook the O& M for over 18 months and then handed the plant back to the management for continuous operation.

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